When PETA Can Comment On HipHop Tamizha Album.. Why Didnt They Talk About This Dog Issue?

The most savage video of a man throwing an innocent dog off a roof from his terrace went viral on Monday. We can’t even contemplate to say what we want to say about this man.
It is not clear when the video was shot. The poor dog was seen whimpering and shaking as the man holds him by the neck , whereas the brutal man was seen smiling into the video. It ended with the sound of the dog’s cry. He would have suffered multiple bone breakage making him a cripple.
The man who did this was identified as Gautam s, a final year medical student from Madha Medical College and an accomplice who was with him taking the video.
When the police went to arrest these men, the duo had managed to abscond. Investigations are going on to catch hold of them.
The NGO, Humane Society International (HSI) has been outrageous to find them and have offered Rs 1 Lakh to anyone who could bring information for arresting them.
Even Blue Cross have launched a campaign on Facebook to nab these guys.

Where has PETA been now, when this atrocity has been taking place?? We see no involvement from them whatsoever. The same PETA who got outrageous about our ‘JALLIKATTU’ issue, asking to ban it. The same PETA who wanted the Hip Hop Tamizha’s album about Jallikattu to be put down. Where are they now, when a poor canine has been brutalized so badly! Where has their humanity and raising voice against animal cruelty gone?

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