When A.R Rahman Got Humiliated In School For Not Attending Classes !! WATCH

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CM / Updated: 2021-05-25
13:45 IST

Amidst the controversies that are doing rounds surrounding the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan group of schools, an old video of A.R Rahman narrating about the abuses he faced during his schooling has surfaced in Internet linking it with PSBB as there are records of himself completing his studies till 10th grade in the same school. Though the Oscar winning musician hasn’t mentioned any school name in the interview, users of twitter has been bringing facts to prove that PSBB is responsible for the humiliation faced by the musician during his teenage.


“In school, I was a very bad student. I have skipped school. I did my 10th and then I did my +1, a couple of months and left halfway.” said Rahman and reasoned that he had to to go to work at that time. Rahman also mentioned one of the famous abuses he faced at that time in the interview which was shot during the earlier stage of his music career. “Take your son and go to the streets of Kodambakkam, then they will put you money. Don’t bring him to school” said one of the faculties of the school to the parents of Rahman, the musician revealed in the interview.

However, Rahman felt that they had to do it as he was irregular. “Naturally, when you don’t go to school. They have to do that. When I just think about it now, they were right they had to be strict and stuff like that.” the musician said. Though Rahman didn’t mention the name of the school, users of internet came up with enough facts to prove that it was PSBB which recently became a subject to controversy due to inappropriate behaviour of a teacher named Rajagopalan.

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On seeing the video, journalist Vani Saraswathi wrote a series of tweets, explaining about the incidents she witnessed during one of the annual days of PSBB. “I think it was 95 or 96, PSBB annual day. I was sent to cover it for the newspaper because ARR was chief guest. That old fart YGP praised him trying to take credit for his ultimate success (‘we encouraged him types’). ARR did 2 things that I will never forget.”

“He set the record straight saying he was always in trouble for missing school (he had to earn a living) and was shouted at. AND he walked out of stage mid event saying he wanted to offer the evening prayer. They had to pause till he returned. He clearly wanted to make a point. He has performed in Qatar on a Friday evening, and just paused when the adhan played. And then continued. He didn’t leave the stage. I would like to believe he wanted to rub this in that casteist bigot’s face.”

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