What Really Happened Between Dhana & Manikandan?? FULL VIDEO OUT

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5 months ago

On Wednesday Morning, a promo video that showed Dhanalakshmi and Manikandan involving in a verbal spat surfaced in the social media handles of Vijay Television. It showed Manikandan and Dhanalakshmi shouting at each other over the task with their co-contestants trying to pacify them. Now, the full video of the incident is out in internet as the 24 hours streaming already telecasted it.

While the two teams were trying to do the “Factory task” by collecting objects to make sweets, Manikandan grabbed an object from Dhanalakshmi’s hand during which she fell down. On being questioned, Mani claims that Dhana took something from their shop without their permission and what he did was a revenge for it.

Dhanalakshmi left the place angrily, saying that Manikandan pushed her. “I never pushed or pulled you but i just grabbed that object from your hand” he replied. However, Dhanalakshmi said that everything is being recorded in camera and it will tell the truth.

Manikandan also got angry at Dhanalakshmi for allegedly calling him with “da” and not giving respect for his age. Denying the same, Dhanalakshmi kept shouting at Manikandan for his violent behaviour during the task. Co-contestants of the house tried consoling the duo but failed to do so. Azeem was heard saying to Manikantan “don’t do the same mistake I did” in order to calm him down.

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During the verbal spat, Dhana challenged Manikandan to hit her if he has guts to which the latter replied “So I should hurt you now, so that you can complain about it Kamal sir in the weekend?” oAzeem was heard saying to Manikantan “don’t do the same mistake I did” in order to calm him down.

Here’s the full video of the incident :

Check out viewers of the reacted to the same :

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