“What Is The Need Of 17 Cars ??” Actress Questioned After Ambulance Made To Wait !!

On Monday, along with other vehicles, an ambulance was briefly stopped in Kumbakonam of Tamil nadu in order to allow a convoy of a state minister. The incident happened nearly 293 kilometre away from Chennai and the video is being circulated across the social media platforms. Actress Kasthuri who is known for stating her opinions about the current affairs through her official twitter handle, asked what is the need of 17 cars.


A senior police official in Kumbakonam had said that the minister’s vehicle had almost crossed the one kilometre long, ancient Anaikarai bridge on which vehicles were permitted to ply in one direction at a time.

The official, further said that normally, the vehicles are allowed to cross the bridge in one direction at a time while those coming in the opposite direction are made to wait at the entry or exit point. “The traffic in this section is managed in coordination with the police” the police official further added.

Here’s the viral video that is trending :

On the day the incident the incident took place, the minister’s vehicle covered the entire stretch of the bridge and was about to take a turn to go towards Arikamedu village when the Ambulance came in the opposite direction, the police official reportedly said.

“As per the existing traffic arrangement, all vehicles, including the ambulance were halted for a couple of minutes to prevent a possible head-on collision” the police explained. The official further claimed that the convoy almost arrived at the edge of the bridge when the ambulance was about to get onto the bridge and added that Priority is always given to the ambulance carrying patients.


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Talking about the excess number of vehicles that were accompanying the minister’s, the police said that some locals or passerby would have followed the VIP  vehicle in order to get past the bridge as quick as possible. Among the several reactions that surfaced in the internet platforms, actress Kasthuri question about the 17 vehicles that followed the Minister’s.

“Accepted it is a one way bridge, ok, but what is the need for 17 cars in the first place? And ambulance made to wait for ALL to pass? Come on. Hope thiru Anbil Mahesh will push for a second bridge at Anaikkarai . That may be the one good outcome of this incident” read the tweet of the actress.

Check it out below :


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