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We’ve Heard Masal Dosa. But Wait? Masal Dosa Burger?

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We’ve Heard Masal Dosa. But Wait? Masal Dosa Burger?

cats 17

Yes, it’s true. McDonald’s in India will add the ultimate desi variation to its existing breakfast menu, in an attempt to sell more morning meals. With confusion about adding new inventions to it;s varieties McDonald’s India have put forth a really crazy menu option-The McDosa Burger.
Amit Jatia, vice-chairman of Westlife Development, which runs McDonald’s restaurants in parts of India, said: “We continue to look at inspiration from Indian cuisine and bring it as a McDonald’s format, which will give you flavours from the west but the familiarity of Indian.”

The dish will feature a burger laden with a grilled veg patty topped with molaga podi (chili powder) sauce, a flavour popular in Tamil Nadu, and anda bhurji i.e. scrambled eggs served with a bun.

The expanded menu have started to roll out across the nation from yesterday (Jan 13) starting from one in Mumbai. They have planned to introduce it across 44 restaurants with the Burgers ranging from Rs.30 to Rs.135.

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