“Wear Helmet” – Police Officer’s Rude Behaviour Towards A Citizen Goes Viral !! WATCH

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6 months ago

Video of a Police officer behaving in a rude manner to a youth who suggested him to wear helmet is going viral in social media platforms. In the video, the Police could be seen saying that the youth shouldn’t tell him to wear helmet and it’s his own choice to wear one or not. The Police officer also talks to the youth in a threatening tone and repeatedly asks him to leave the place.


The incident happened at New Avadi Road, Chennai. Going by the video, the youth seemingly advised the Police official o wear helmet while driving bike. Stopping his vehicle at a spot, the Police officer makes the youth to stop his vehicle too. He who was wearing a Police uniform, starts confronting the youth and behaves in a rude manner to him.

After stopping the youth’s vehicle, the police official asks “Do you have any problem ??” in an offensive tone. “I said it with good thoughts” the youth replies but the officer asks him to leave the place. While leaving, the youth asks “I said it for your well being, is there anything wrong in it ?” to which the police replies back “Yes, it is wrong” and asks him to leave the place.

Watch the video below :

The video created outrage among the users of internet. “legal action should be taken against him” a social media user said whereas another one wrote “I had a similar experience on new Avadi Road 4 years back.. The constable attached to Ambattur ps threatened me and asked me to come with him to PS.. Just for advising him on helmet..”

Check out some of such reactions below :

Watch video :



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