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“We Need Change” – Young Actress On “Compromise” In Cinema Industry !!



“We Need Change” – Young Actress On “Compromise” In Cinema Industry !!

Actress and Instagram model Shalu Shamu who is known for appearing in “Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam”, “Mr. Local”, “Thegidi”, Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu 2″ in supporting roles, came up with a story in her Instagram story expressing her disappointment over the “compromise” culture in film industry. Through the story, the actress said that a girl’s talents are getting rejected if she refuses to compromise with a “so called big hero” and added hashtags such as “we need change”, “stop harassment”, “we never compromise”


Shalu Shamu who is pretty much active in social media platforms, is currently enjoying 4 lakh plus followers in the photo/video posting social media app. Months ago, she revealed that a director approached her to sleep with him to act in a movie of Telugu actor Vijay Devarakonda. Now, she came up with a story saying that a girl’s talents are being rejected if she rejects to compromise with a “big hero”.

“When a girl avoid to compromise with a so called big hero, her talents are being rejected. #WeNeedChange, #Stop Harassment, #WeNeverCompromise” read the story of the actress.


Check out the screen shot of her story below :


Months ago, the actress disclosed about a traumatic experience she went through while replying to one of her follower in Instagram. “Are you affected by Metoo ?? Only so I think you get so less chances for being straight forward” asked a fan to which the actress replied saying that she got approached by a Vijay Devarakonda movie’s director. “Even I have come across #MeToo I don’t wanna complain regarding this because I know how to handle myself as an grown up kid” 

She further added that there is no use complaining it as the one who approached would never accept it wholeheartedly. She also mentioned that he is a famous director with the hashtag “STOP WHERE THEY START”


In an interview, she said, “I was asked to come in a saree by him stating that he would explain about my character. I went to the said place with excitement, hoping that the movie could give me the much-needed break. Upon reaching there, I saw his family photos and realised that it was his residence,”

“Then he offered me water which I kept it aside with a fear inside me. Apart from narrating about the character, most things he talked with me are irrelevant. When he continued talking, I started sweating. When he asked me to sit in a room where there was an AC, I pretended like getting a call from my home and left the place”. she said in a video interview.

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