WATCH : Woman Chilling While Two Others Were Fighting Grabbed Internet’s Attention !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-17
20:29 IST

Video of two women arguing over the seating arrangement in Delhi metro is going viral among the users of online platforms with the users of it reacting in various ways. Not to our surprise, netizens found the video hilarious and the majority number of comments that surfaced made fun of the third woman who was sitting comfortably and enjoying the fight by eating burger.


In the viral clip, we could see a woman in yellow saree is seated comfortably with her bag on an empty seat while a woman in orange kurta struggles to find a seat. The verbal spat begins after when the woman wearing saree says that she won’t offer the empty seat and the other woman decides to sit in the small gap between her and another passenger.

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It has been discovered that the woman in yellow saree has reserved the empty seat for someone she is waiting for but the other woman says that she can’t reserve a seat like this in Metro trains. Further, the first woman says that she can’t make her sit on her lap, to which the other one argues she doesn’t want to sit on her lap.

The woman who squeezed in the tight spot, says that she will complain to the security and the woman who occupied the seat with her bag responds saying that she can go ahead. In the meantime, another woman who is sitting beside them, was seen eating a burger in casual manner and enjoying the fight between the other two women.

Watch the video below :

The video garnered one and half views so far in twitter with hundreds of comments from the online users. Netizens who happened to see the video, found it entertaining and started making funny comments over the incident. “I want this calmness in life like that Burger girl..🥳” a user reacted seeing the vide whereas another one said “The girl casually eating her burger amidst all chaos has my spirit”

Check out some of the reactions below :

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