Watch : Traffic Police Hits Two Boys With His “Chappal” For Not Wearing Helmet !! , WTF !!


Cops have been trying their best to increase awareness among two-wheeler riders about the importance of wearing helmets. As they try to teach the offenders a lesson by issuing challans and using batons on them, a Bengaluru cop went a step further.

The video was taken by vlogger Rishabh Chatterjee’s dash-cam of VW Polo. This incident was caught on his camera at an intersection in the city.

The cop can be seen taking off his chappal as he sees the riders heading his way, and then hurling it with full force at the offenders.

While the incident may seem funny, it’s really not okay for a police officer to behave that way. Challans are there for a reason.

Having said that, the number of accidents that occur every year due to helmet-less driving is appalling. According to 2016 statistics, of the 52,500 two-wheeler riders killed in road accidents, 19.3% were not wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

watch the video here from the 6th minute :



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