Warner Bros Replied To Blue Satta Maaran’s Review ??

3 years ago

After a twitter user demanded an arrest against Blue Satta Maaran for reviewing Hollywood film “Tenet” before the release of the film in India, now, an official complaint against the Tamil movie reviewer has been made by another Twitter user. Unexpectedly, the mail sent by the user received reply from the chief of Warner Bros Production company which produced Tenet and several other Hollywood films.


To prevent the spread of the deadly disease which killed 8 lakh and 67 thousand people across the world, governments have decided to shut down public places such as parks, malls, theatres and other places which are meant for entertainment purpose. However, few countries including USA and China are slowly opening the theatres in their country with limited number of visitors and with precautionary measurements.


Delayed three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tenet premiered in the United Kingdom on August 26, 2020, and is scheduled to be released in the United States on Wednesday (September 3, 2020), in IMAX, 35 mm, and 70 mm. It is also getting released in the theatres of China. However, the film is already being streamed in illegal piracy websites such as Tamilrockers etc.

Blue satta Maaran, one of the leading Tamil movie reviewers with 1 million plus subscribers have watched the movie, most probably in Tamil rockers and reviewed the film “Tenet”. In his 4 minute long review, Maaran revealed the plot of the film and criticized the acting of John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington. Maaran said that this film has nothing impressive like the other films of the filmmaker.


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“Chasing scenes are very slow and the making is bad as well.” the film reviewer said. He also criticized Robert Pattinson by saying that he is doing the same thing he did in “Twilight” series as vampire. “The film is going to get released in 70 countries across the world. In USA, the most affected country is also releasing the movie from 3rd of September. But we are still hesitating to open the theatres” Maaran blamed TN government in his video.

Maaran also attempted a skit to reveal how he watched the film at the end of the review. He said that it is “Thozhil Ragasiyam” (Business secret) and referred a popular dialogue in “Nayakan” movie. “There is nothing wrong in doing something which benefits at least 4 people” the reviewer said. The video is currently trending at No.12 spot in youtube.

Watch his review here :

As soon as the review video released, his followers wondered how he managed to watch the film as it has not released in India yet. Some of them rightly predicted and trolled him as well. Now, a Twitter user sent a mail to Denzil Dias, chief of Warner Bros.


The Internet user requested the production house to file a defamation case against him and to punish him under the promotion of pirated articles act. “These kind of guys are a threat to movie production houses and producers” the user said who attached the video of Maaran’s review.

Check out the screenshot of his mail here :


Surprisingly, the mail received a reply from Denzil Dias, the man himself. “Thank you for forwarding us this video. We will forward it to our anti piracy division for further action” the reply read.

Here’s the screenshot of the reply :


Here’s the tweet :

Earlier, Maaran faced the wrath of Tamil film producers and directors such as T. Siva, Sakthi Chithambaram, Vijay Milton etc. for defaming their films through his reviews !!

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