VJ Parvathy Released Video Asking People To Stop Calling Her As Mia Khalifa’s Look Alike !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-06-08
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VJ Parvathy who became a familiar face among Tamilnadu youngsters in a very short span of time, has conducted a question and answer session with her Instagram followers. She answered to many of their questions including to the one who asked her age. Interestingly, she also answered to a guy who compared her outer appearance with popular porn actress Mia Khalifa.


The video jockey who is working in Galatta youtube channel, seems very much interactive to her followers and fans. The way she conducted public opinions show before lockdown impressed youth audience in big time. She initially rose to fame once music director, hero and filmmaker Hip Hop Aadhi called her as “Aunty” and told her that he “sighted” (local term used to define the act of gazing at a person who belongs to opposite gender) her in one of an interview.

The emerging anchor currently enjoying more than 1 lakh followers in Instagram where she received these weirdest questions. To one of a follower who asked Parvathy to reveal her age, she requested him not to question about her age. “Big time secret, please forgive me. It is a good and justifiable age” Parvathy wrote in her story.


To another user who asked whether she is single or committed, Parvathy said that she is very much single. “Waiting for my wild kind of love” she wrote in her story.



The most interesting part of Parvathy’s interaction with her followers is, when one of them said that she looks like porn actress Mia Khalifa. Replying to him, Parvathy posted a video message turning her face left and right. “Either angle of my face doesn’t look like Mia Khalifa. If you are saying that just because of this specs I am wearing, no bro no. No means no” she said in a cool manner.

Check out the video below :

Mia Khalifa worked in pornagraphic industry for a long time and left it after finding herself in a controversy for performing sexual acts wearing the Islamic hijab in a video. After leaving that career, Mia transformed into a social media personality and webcam model. She is also doing sports commentary.

Earlier, a follower commented in one of her Instagram post saying that she looks like Mia Khalifa. Parvathy remained calm at that time too as her reply read “Irukkum. Irukkun… Poya Angittu.”


To another follower who asked why everyone is calling her as “Aunty”, Parvathy posted a screenshot of her interview with Hip Hop Tamizha and said “It’s all because of this one interview with Hip Hop Tamizha. Total life changed. I will never ever forget the memes and trolls ppaah. Go watch this interview and find why they are calling me Aunty. But remember I’m not an aunty daw” Parvathy said.


Here’s the screenshot :


Many of Parvathy’s public interaction video trended in youtube after this interview with Hip Hop tamizha. Comment your views on the way Parvathy replying to her followers !!

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