VJ Parvathy Finally Replied To The Mindless Comparison Of Herself With Mia Khalifa !!

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3 years ago

For constantly being compared with former porn film actress Mia Khalifa, VJ Parvathy of Galatta youtube channel made an appropriate reply to put full stop. She who is very much interactive with her followers in social media platforms, often received comments saying that she looks like popular porn actress Mia Khalifa only due to the power glass she is wearing. She tried to stop them saying that through her replies in Instagram comments and live interactions.


However, her followers didn’t stop comparing them. Now, in a recent interaction with a youtube channel, the video jockey embraced the comparison and proved that she is a new-age anchor with progressive mindset. VJ Parvathy who became a familiar face among Tamilnadu youngsters in a very short span due to her public opinion videos, gained wife fame when music director and actor Hip Hop Aadhi called her as “Aunty” and told her that he “sighted” (local term used to define the act of gazing at a person who belongs to opposite gender) her in one of an interview. The video went extremely viral and the anchor is still being called as “Aunty” irrespective of her original age.

Recently she got into controversy for not mentioning actor Suriya’s name in one of her interaction. However, she handled it with care and overcame it without much damage to her reputation. Now, in one of a recent interaction which was shot four months ago, VJ Paru answered to a question on being compared with Mia Khalifa.


“These guys have no other job at all’ says the anchor with wide laugh in her face. “This is what we call as “stereotyping”. I have eye deficiency. If I remove my glass, I can’t able to see things clearly. That is the only reason behind me wearing this glass. I don’t know why they are comparing me with Mia Khalifa. I think it is because of this glass most probably.” said Parvathy who went on to add how she sees the comparison.

“What she ( Mia Khalifa) is doing is her profession. There are legal sex workers in many foreign countries. It is a profession. Our boys are seeing that profession as a wrong one and comparing her with me. Otherwise, Mia Khalifa is cool and she is rocking in her profession” said VJ Parvathy without knowing that Mia quit porn industry long ago.

Watch the video below :


However, the way the anchor gave her explanation might change the perspective of few people and would reduce the amount of people who are comparing her with Mia Khalifa. In other words, Paru embraced the comparison to make people stop comparing her with the porn actress.

Comment your views on the way she responded to the question !!

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