Vivek’s Post On Sathankulam Lockup Murder Issue Created Controversy !!


While the cinema celebrities of entire country expressing their anger towards the incident that took place in Sathankulam of Thoothukudi, Tamil actor Vivek’s tweet created controversy among the users of the micro blogging social media site. However, the actor came up with a clarification tweet after seeing the reaction from his followers.

Vivek who is very much known for socially responsible comedy scenes in his movies, reacted to the horrific lock up death of Jayaram and Bennix after four days of the incident. The actor who enjoys 37 lakh followers for his official twitter account asked “Is death the punishment for a minimal crime ?” through his tweet.

“Police officers who are working round the clock during this COVID 19 pandemic, irrespective of their lives and family, deserve such stigma ?? Sathan kulam (Tamil word for pond) may lack water. Justice pond should not lack it” Vivekh said in his tweet. “ஒரு குறைந்த பட்ச குற்றத்துக்கு, மரணம் தான் தண்டனையா? தங்கள் குடும்பம் , தங்கள் உயிர் பற்றி கவலை கொள்ளாமல், இந்த கொரொனா காலத்தில் கடமை ஆற்றும் காவல் துறைக்கு இந்த களங்கம் வரலாமா? சாத்தான் குளம் வற்றலாம்! ஆனால் நீதிக்குளம் வற்றக்கூடாது.” read the tweet he posted.

This tweet didn’t go well with the followers of the actor as they got highly disappointed on the way Vivek articulated his emotions into words. They who expected a straight forward condemn from the actor, accused the actor of romanticising Police officer’s deed. Some even said that the Father and son duo didn’t commit any kind of crime like Vivek mentioned.

Check out some of their comments below:

On seeing these kind of comments, Vivek came up with a clarification saying “I used the world “minimal crime” only to mention that their shop remained open during the lockdown period. For such a small crime, do they deserve such torture and death is what I’m asking with deep agony”

In Sathankulam, Police nabbed Jayakumar and his son Bennix and tortured them with Lathi for no appropriate reason. After producing a fake medical certificate to the magistrate, the father and son duo jailed in Kovilpatti sub-jail. They both who got severely injured died within 24 hours and the entire country is seeking justice for the demise of the innocents.


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