Vivekh Blamed Non-Vegetarians For The Virus Spread !! Check Reactions


Actor Vivekh who is pretty much interactive with his followers in Twitter, while replying to one of his twitter follower, said that he believes in god but not a believer of animal cruelty while devoting god. “I am a believer of God but never believed in animal cruelty” he said in his tweet.

Here’s his next :

In his next tweet, Vivekh said that people won’t eat mutton if they see a goat getting killed in person. “It depends on each individual’s maturity and depends on the environment they grew up. On seeing different kind of viruses being spread, people will consume only vegetarian food in future it seems” the comedy actor’s next tweets said.

Vivekh said it while replying to a follower who said that killing a goat is not a ritual but to eat. “கிடா வெட்டுவதை நேரில் பார்த்தால் அதன் பிறகு அதை சாப்பிடத் தோன்றாது. எல்லாம் அவரவர் மனப்பக்குவம்; வளர்ந்த சூழல். புதிய புதிய வைரசுகளைப் பார்க்கும் போது எதிர்காலம் சைவ உணவில் சென்று முடியலாம்.”

Here’s the tweet :

The whole world is terrorized right now and is combating the deadly disease COVID 19 to avoid heavy damages. The virus killed more than 8 lakh 20 thousand people across the world so far and is expected to spread more. Every countries have implemented safety measurements such as social distancing and maintaining hygiene. It is highly believed that the virus surfaced after people in Wuhan consumed Bat. However, the main, accurate reason behind the virus is still undefined.

On seeing these tweets from Vivekh, people who consume non-vegetarian food confronted the actor by saying that plants also have life and they should not be consumed by vegetarian people. One of a follower said that people who are suffering with poverty, can’t differentiate between vegetarian and non-vegetarian when they are starving.

Check out some of the reactions Vivekh’s tweets received below :

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