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Vishnu Vishal Opens On Ashwin’s “Mankad” Controversy !! Here’s What He Has To say !!

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Vishnu Vishal Opens On Ashwin’s “Mankad” Controversy !! Here’s What He Has To say !!

Every season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is cash rich and eventful as well. So, keeping up with its ability to make headlines, other than the respective matches itself, the IPL never runs out of controversies and misfit happenings to get the Twitterati all charged up.


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During the recent match between Rajasthan Royals’ and Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur, R Ashwin’s one act against the cricket spirit got the opinions divided, immediately in the commentary box. According to Harsha Bhogle, it was within the rules of the game whereas for Matthew Hayden it was very disappointing.

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During the 2018 IPl season, Jos Buttler was in his best form when he scored 548 runs in just 13 matches, where 95 not out is the best he got. Similarly, in this season too, he was off to a great start, chasing 185 runs. Along with Ajinkya Rahane, they made 78 runs, before Ashwin took the first wicket of Rahane.

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However, still the battle continued well for Buttler as he scored his very first hundred in the T20 format of cricket. Now, something unfolded in the 13th over of the innings when Ashwin Mankaded Buttler and immediately appealed even. The scenario was such, as if Ashwin stopped while bowling and even waited for Buttler to leave his crease.

Thus, according to third umpire, Buttler was immediately dismissed off the field. Visibly Buttler was angry while making his way to the Rajasthan Royals dugout. according to sources Buttler was very disappointed to witness, what just happened with him on the field.

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Vishnu Vishal, former cricketer and Kollywood actor opened on the controversy in his official twitter account.


In his reply to former cricketer Badrinath, Vishnu said “Yes agree totally:) we all go by instincts n our decisions on field r in split seconds…whthr to declare him out no was in the hands of the third umpire..”

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Prithi Ashwin who was trolled and criticized in twitter by some Twitter users asked them to stop spamming her in mentions and go to Ravi Ashwin’s timeline.

Ashwin Ravichandran’s Wife Reacts To The Trolls & Critics On Her Husband !!

Vishnu who saw her tweet immediately responded her tweet by writing “Relaxxx 🙂 they think u wer the ‘third umpire’ and that d decision was given by u 😂😂”

To this Prithi Ashwin replied as that she is also having the same doubt.

What do you think on Vishnu’s statements ?? Comment your views below !!

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