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Vishal Facing Severe Criticism For Sharing The Medicines That Cured Him From COVID 19 !!



Vishal Facing Severe Criticism For Sharing The Medicines That Cured Him From COVID 19 !!

For sharing the details of the Ayurvedic medicines he consumed to cure himself, Vishal getting severely criticized by his own followers. Actor Vishal, shared about the trauma he went through after testing positive for COVID 19 virus through a video. The actor said that his father tested positive for the virus initially and added that he got infected by the same while helping him. His manager also tested positive after the duo. However, all of them got cured within 7 days only by using ayurvedic medicine, according to Vishal.


The 42 year old actor, released a video requesting people to let go of fear if they tested positive for the virus. The deadly virus which killed 6 lakh 48 thousand people across the world, affected 1.44 million people across India and 3,409 people died in Tamil nadu. The actor asks apology to authorities for not getting admitted in a hospital. “This video is not to say that I am alright but to make you people aware. Letting you people know about how I got cured is important I think.” said the actor.

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“Yes, My father GK Reddy tested positive for COVID 19. We didn’t admit him in a hospital. Sorry, I am not against any hospitals. Please don’t misunderstand me. I took care of my father in our home itself. During that period, I started getting similar symptoms. Our temperature was high but I didn’t disclose about it to anyone. I started consuming the similar tablets.” said Vishal who added that his manager Hari also tested positive.

“We took Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicine and came back to normal within 4 days. In 7 days, we are completely alright. This video is only to convey that we got alright by ayurvedic medicine. This is not to endorse Ayurveda. Only to let people know what saved us, I am uploading this video. I will be sharing the details of the medicine, you can take it as well.” he said.


On Monday, Vishal posted the details of the medicines through his official twitter account. While sharing the medicines, he also asked his followers to consult the doctors. Check out his tweet below :

On seeing this tweet, many of his followers criticized him for endorsing a medicine for public people. They asked what if the medicine didn’t improve the immune system of other people as it did to the immune system of Vishal. Few of them asked him to remove the tweet as well. Despite of Vishal’s video, few stated that he is marketing for the medicine.

Check out some of the reactions below :


However, another set of social media users supported Vishal and thanked him for sharing the details of the medicine. Comment your views !!

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