“Virus Won’t Affect These Kind Of People” Says Man Who Got Recovered !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-03-24
13:01 IST

A selfie video of a man who got cured after getting infected to the deadly Coronavirus has issues a video message to the public. Named as Amit Kapoor, the middle aged man issued a message to the public after 14 days of isolation. He requested people not to panic at this moment and asked them to co-operate with the government and doctors.

“I am one of the most unlucky persons in India who were detected with Coronavirus infection. I’m ok now. I was in isolation for fourteen days and underwent treatment. I am back at home now, completely fine. There are no problems. The purpose of this video is not to tell about cures. This is to say please, please, please do not panic.” says Amit in the video.

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“If you are having any symptoms, go to the doctor or else go wherever the coronavirus tests are being conducted. If, god forbid, the results are positive, then support doctors and administration. Do what they say. What will you do by running from those who are curing it ? Today, treatment is free. If infection spreads, you may have to go to private hospitals and pay for treatment. So please support the government and doctors and administration. Do what they say. Take care of your hygiene. Wash your hands well.” said Amit who also asked people to squeeze or cough by covering the mouth. “Keep participation in social gatherings to a minimum. It;s just for a short period of time.” he added.

“Once there’s vaccine, everything will be fine. People are scared now because it’s new and there is no vaccine. It’s not such a big deal. It’s a small virus” he can be seen saying in the video. “I am standing before you, completely fine” he motivates the public.

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Further Amit went on to add which kind of people would get affected to the disease easier. He said that the virus is deadly only for the people who are having problems with kidney and lungs. He said that the virus is not a problematic one for the people with normal health. “They keep you isolated for 14 days so that you can’t transmit the illness to others” Amit said.

Watch the video of Amit below :

Source : Hindustan Times

He continued insisting people to support government and administration. “We can’t be the second Europe.” he said to let people know what to do in this crucial situation. India is currently taking every measures to prevent community spread in the country. Lockdown has been announced across the country to go past the dangerous third week without much lose.

Let us follow what Amit said and cooperate with the government by distancing ourselves from the society for the wellness of the society and for the wellness us.

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