VIRAL VIDEO : Netizens Trolled First Benchers For Not Being Normal !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-09-25
01:34 IST

A viral video that shows two boys concentrating on their studies in a class room while a girl is dancing near the board is trending in the micro blogging social media site with various kind of reactions from the users of it. Though the whereabouts of the video is not officially known, two male students who were deliberately avoiding the girls caught the attention of the online users. On seeing “Allen” written on the girl’s T-shirt, netizens concluded that the incident took place at Allen university.

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In the 2 minute 20 seconds long video which is presumably from the north part of the country, a girl wearing green t-shirt and blue jean could be seen shaking her legs with a series of Hindu songs being played in the background. She was also seen wearing a black colour safety mask.

While she was passionately dancing in front of the whole classroom, two boys who were sitting in the first row deliberately avoided seeing her and were focusing on their notebooks. They were also seen seriously discussing about something and acted like that the girl was invisible.

Watch the video below :

The video is doing numbers in Twitter with 1 million plus views. With Stand up comedian Ronny Bhaiya appreciating the first bench lads, they also became a subject to trolls by the internet using citizens. “I need this type of focus in life” a social media user commented whereas another one said “when you have a major (mains+adv) test on upcoming sunday”

A number of users said that the entire video could be staged as well. Check out some of the reactions the video garnered below :

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