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CM / Updated: 2023-03-25
19:39 IST

Vinayakan T. K. is a well-known actor and playback singer in Malayalam cinema. Recently, during a Facebook Live session, he announced his divorce from his wife. He revealed that he and his wife had parted ways and that he had ended all kinds of relations with her. Vinayakan stated, “The legal and conjugal obligations I have to my wife are now completely severed. Thank everybody.” Despite facing criticism stemming from his controversial past, his fans continue to support him and believe that he has been unfairly targeted.

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Last year, The actor who is known among Tamil audience for acting in films such as “Thimuru”, “Mariyaan”, “Silambaatam”, had made a controversial statement on ” Me Too” activism and said that he had physical relationship with 10 women and said that he will continue to do “Me Too” if it’s all about asking a woman if she wants to have sex.

Being a music composer and actor, Vinayakan, in the press meet of his “Oruthee” film in which actress Navya Nayar is making her come back, made the controversial statement.

“What is Me Too?? I do not know. Is it up to the girl? Let me ask, what if I want to have sex with a woman. What should I tell her? Did you have sex with your wife first?? Everyone is not like that’ the actor said in the press conference.

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“How do you have sex with a girl? Tell me, how do you call that girl to your side? In my life, I have had sex with at least 10 women. I asked the 10 girls to have sex with me. If this is what you as as “Me Too”, I will do it again. If I feel like having sex with that girl again, I will ask her. She will politely say ” No”. No woman has come to me and asked, do you know what’s a women interpretation is?” the actor said to the reporters.

It is notable that this is not the first time the music composer cum actor has found himself in the middle of a row. He was arrested in the year 2019 after poet and Dalit activist Mruduladevi made a complaint against him for verbally assaulting her over the phone and using explicit language. He was

On the professional front, Vinayakan will next be seen in the movie ‘Jailer’ alongside South India’s superstar, Rajinikanth. The film is directed by Nelson Dileep, and Vinayakan is known for his fine acting skills, though he has not yet revealed his role in the movie. Some online users speculate that his role in the film could be minor, much like Shine Tom Chacko’s in the Vijay-starring movie “Beast.”

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Vinayakan has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, known for his impressive acting skills and soulful playback singing. However, he has also faced controversies in the past, which have led to criticism from some quarters. Despite this, his fans continue to support him, and he remains a popular figure in Malayalam cinema.

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Divorce is a difficult and sensitive issue, and Vinayakan’s decision to go public with his separation from his wife is a brave step. However, he has not revealed the reasons behind the divorce or the circumstances leading up to it. His fans have expressed their support for him and urged him to focus on his career.

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Vinayakan’s divorce announcement has caused a stir among his fans and the media. Nevertheless, he remains focused on his upcoming movie ‘Jailer,’ where his performance is eagerly awaited by his fans. Despite his personal struggles, he has continued to make a mark in the entertainment industry, and his fans hope that he will continue to do so.

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