Vikraman Mentioned About Ayesha’s Periods Issue In Weekend Episode??

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4 months ago

During the nomination process, Ayesha nominated Vikraman saying that he is not the man whom he projects. She said that the way he mentioned about her “monthly” issue in the weekend episode, made her upset and is nominating him for the same reason. As soon as the television artist made the statement, reactions over whether Vikraman did it or not is surfacing in the internet platforms.


“I believed Vikram anna will always be where the justice is. I thought he would question things and would forget it right away. But last week, he proved me wrong” Ayesha said while nominating Vikraman for the eviction.

“During Kamal sir’s episode, I had no problems with the other questions he asked me but mentioning about the “monthly” issue which I talked about inside the house, in front of everyone offended me” she further said.


“I never thought, a gentleman like “Vikraman” would involve himself in such things. Overall, he is not someone I believed. He is also faking few things. I felt shy when he mentioned such things about me and I don’t like playing with a contestant like him who insulted me” Ayesha said during her nomination process.

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Vikraman, during his nomination turn, said that he wants Ayesha to walk out as she is using her medical condition to behave violent. “We all are facing medical issues but it’s not an excuse to break things” he said.

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While the followers of Vikraman defended him saying that he only mentioned as “medical issue”, followers of the show were also seen criticizing him for the same reason.

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