“Vikram Is Not A Good Actor At All” – Famous Director’s Open Statement

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Director Rajakumaran who is known for directing films such as “Nee Varuvai Ena”, “Vinnukum Mannukum”, in a recent interaction with filmmaker cum actor Chithra Lakhsmnan, said that he couldn’t accept Vikram as a good actor at all. He said that the actor lacks the ability of acting in close up shots without make up and instructions in his statement.

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After working as an assistant director to ace filmmaker Vikraman, Rajakumaran got launched through “Ne Varuvai Ena” as a filmmaker. He directed Parthiban, Ajithkumar and Devayani in the film which became a huge success among the audience. He went on to direct Vikram, Devayani, Sarathkumar, Khushboo in a film titled “Vinnukum Mannukum” which got released in the year 2001.

In a recent interview with Chithra Lakshmanan for his YouTube channel Touring Talkies, Rajakumaran shared about his experience directing actor Vikram during the early stage of his career. The filmmaker who also appeared as a comedy actor in Santhanam’s “Vallavanuku Pullum Aayutham”, made a strong statement on Vikram’s acting ability.


“I think Vikram expected more salary as we used his dates a little extra from what was committed. I recommended to the company (production house) but they didn’t give him, I guess. But u don’t have any problem with him personally” said Rajakumaran in the interview.

The filmmaker went on to talk about a statement made by Vikram about acting in his film. “After release, Vikram, in an interview, said that he “hates” this film. If you people think that “Sedhu” gave Vikram the career in acting, it is wrong. It may have showed you an actor named Vikram but the film which connected him with the family audience is Vinnukum Mannukum” Rajakumaran said.


“I presented Vikram as a bouquet to every house after placing him inside a beautiful package of Devayani, Khushboo and Sarathkumar. The film might have failed to perform in the box office. But it became a hit in “K tv”. It will be definitely telecasted twice or once monthly in that channel” The filmmaker said who went on to add about his opinion on Vikram’s acting skills.

“The role Vikram did in Vinnukum Mannukum is something that was close to people. Acting is not about playing a role of an handicapped. It is all about how you perform in a close up shot without any source till the director says “Cut”. Vikram can’t act like that. I won’t accept him as a good actor at all” said Rajakumaran.

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Source : Touring Talkies

“He would act like Kamal or Rajinikanth. He don’t know any acting beyond this. Apart from this, the roles he got recognized for are the ones in which he did the roles of a physically disabled. He won’t know what reaction should be given in a close up shot and I faced such problem with him in my film. He is a good friend of mine. I don’t have any problems with him personally. Maybe he couldn’t have made such statement if the movie became a blockbuster” he added.


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