Vijay TV Conducted A Quick Poll For Eviction !! & This Contestant Thrashed By Fans !!

Monday’s episode began with housemates demanding Bigg Boss to reconsider sending Ponnambalam to jail because of medical reasons but there was no response. The housemates ganged up on Yaashika and Aishwarya as if everything was their fault.


Earlier, on Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, Ananth Vaidyanathan was given the power to lock one contestant in the jail and he chose Ponnambalam saying that Ponnambalam made disrespectful statements about Yaashika and Aishwarya. Ponnambalam apparently made those comments because Yaashika and Aishwarya sat on the same bed with a man.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2

This housemates ganging up against them made Aishwarya, Yaashika have a face-off with Ponnambalam. Aishwarya was angry that Ponnambalam asked Kamal Haasan to see what happened a few days ago. She asked him to tell the housemates what happened and he confessed he only saw Yaashika, Aishwarya, Shariq and Mahat talking while sitting on the same bed. However, the way Ponnambalam expressed this was as if something happened when they were on the bed. In fact, Ponnambalam also swore at the girls, but when they asked him to repeat what he had said, he said he doesn’t remember.


Yaashika said that if people heard what he had told them, they wouldn’t be supporting him. The loud argument came to an end as lights went out.

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The next day, Bigg Boss announces the captain’s task but the housemates took it too lightly. Everyone wanted to ruin the chances of the other members until Janani pointed out that no one will be the captain if they ruined Ramya’s chances too. Then, the housemates came to their senses and supported Ramya. She then became the captain.

This was followed by the nomination. Bigg Boss called housemates in groups of three and four and asked them to nominate one person. Mahat and Aishwarya had to nominate Yaashika as per her request. The other housemates to be nominated are Balaji, Nithya and Ponnambalam.

As things going this way Vijay Television conducted an exclusive poll between the nominated contestants. Among these four contestants the only contestant who was not been in nomination is Yashika. And to our shock she is the one who is been leading the poll as of now.


Yashika Anand currently leading the poll with 63% where as Ponnambalam seconds the poll with 21%. The Husband and wife are at the bottom two places. Nithya in 3rd place with 10% and Balaji is in last place with 6% which is shocking as well.


Check the audience thoughts about this poll :

Yashika in Bigg Boss House

What do you think about Yashika being eliminated ?? Comment below !!


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