Vijay TV Actress Sameera Exposed Women Who Abused Her!!

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Vijay TV Actress Sameera Sherief who is currently busy running a YouTube channel, exposed a couple of female followers of herself who spewed hatred at her by sending messages to her in her Instagram direct message space. Revealing their handle names, Sameera wanted her followers to pour some love for them and expressed her concern over female followers mocking her.

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Sameera Sherief is a television soap actress. She has acted in the lead role in two Tamil serials namely “Pagal Nilavu” and “Rekka Katti Parakkuthu Manasu”. She also appeared in Telugu serials and participated as a contestant in Mr & Mrs. Chinnathirai-Season 2.

The Vijay TV actress married her co-star Syed Anwar Ahmed. The couple acted as one of the lead pairs in the Vijay Television serial Pagal Nilavu. However, the pair walked out of the serial due to the differences with the team. The couple tied the knot in 2019. Sameera currently runs a youtube channel under her name and posts vlogs. Sameera enjoys nearly 8 lakh followers for her Instagram account and nearly 5 lakh subscribers for her youtube channel. She who has been making vlogs based on her daily routines, also performs reel videos based on Tamil songs.

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After announcing about her pregnancy through their respective social media handles, the couple gave birth to a beautiful child and are happily uploading videos of their family in their YouTube and Instagram space. Most lately, an abusive comment surfaced for one of her posts from a woman.


The woman asked Sameera to upload an inappropriate video, in a way of spewing hatred over the Vijay TV actress for making contents. Sharing the screenshot of the message, Sameera wrote “She needs love, Let’s show how it is. I pity you for having such thinking” as her reply to the handle which was named as “Priya”.

Replying to that story, another woman named “Uday Lela” abused the actress for no particular reason. “What she said is true, you will do that too” read the message sent by Uday Lela to Sameera read. Followed by that, Uday Lela dropped one more message as her reply to a reel video uploaded by Sameera l, in a way of abusing her.

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Sharing the screenshot of the messages she received, Sameera asked her followers to pour some love to Uday Lela too. She also expressed her dejection over female followers being toxic and mocking a fellow woman.

“Search Uday Lela and show some love. Sad part is female gender are the ones who always try to pull down or mock” Sameera said by sharing the screenshot.

Here’s the story shared by the Vijay TV actress :

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This is not the first time Sameera is responding to her haters. Previously, she received criticisms for performing reels while being pregnant and based on the posts and video she uploads. However, Sameera never missed to give back to the trolls and criticisms in her own style.

After she gave birth to her baby, Sameera’s husband Syed came up with a post in his official social media handle, requesting online users to not spread negativity against them. “It is my humble request to those who don’t like us. Please do keep your negativity away from the child’s post and be human enough to stay away rather than posting any kind of obscene messages. All of us have personal fights to fight in real life let’s not waste our time fighting with invisible fake people.” Syed said through his post.


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