Vijay & Suriya Became A Subject To Criticism For The Scenes They Acted Years Back!!

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11 months ago

For acting in a scene that blames women for the kind of clothes they are wearing, Suriya and Vijay, top tier actors of Tamil cinema are getting severely criticized by the users of online platforms. In the surging cases of crimes against women, awareness about the upbringing of a male children is being made by women safety organisations. Though the actors are not endorsing such scenes now, the nod they gave in the past to their directors is haunting them.

In the particular clip which is doing rounds in the micro blogging social media site, we can see the female lead being body shamed for the way she was dressing. Vijay who played the role Sivakasi questions Asin for not wearing a saree and can be seen saying that all the men would wish to live with her if she wears a sleeveless and shorts, in a way normalizing sexual harassment against women.

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He who schools her on how to dress in public, would have completely forgotten about men who are causing the trouble in the first place. Ironically, the female who became a subject to slut shaming and body shaming would fall in love with him and the film became a block buster during its release time and gained the actor a mass appeal.

Watch video :

A twitter user shared the clip with a caption saying “i hate this scene with my whole heart, he really thought he did something😭”

Many users reacted in a similar with the fans actor Vijay defending him by referring to a deleted scene from “Master” in which the actor talked about the importance of male children’s upbringing.

In the comment section of the same tweet, a scene from actor Suriya’s “Vel” in which he would lecture As in about how women should dress in public also became a subject to severe criticism. Check out the reactions the clip received below :


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