Vijay Sethupathi Reacts To People Who Wants To Know About His Identity !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-09-06
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In his recent interaction with a youtube channel, actor cum producer Vijay Sethupathi reacted to people who desperately wants to find his caste and spreading speculations about his mother tongue. Vijay Sethupathi also brushed off the rumours that did rounds about his upcoming films. He wanted public to be aware of such people who create fake reports. “I just want to say “Get Lost, you idiots” to them. I feel pity for the people who believe such fake information” Vijay Sethupathi said in the interview. While addressing about it, Vijay Sethupathi opened about how some miscreants tried to brand him as a “Non- Tamilian” and about those who spread fake information about his religion.



Vijay Sethupathi who is known among cinema audience for providing some quality films, has a separate fan base for his sensitive speeches as well. A set people has always expressed their admiration over the maturity and clarity the actor provides through his speeches that takes place in the public events, audio release functions and interviews. In this recent interview which was made to promote his upcoming films “Laabam”, “Tughlaq Darbar” and “Anabelle Sethupathi”, Vijay reacted to people who despearately wants to know about the identity of the actor.

When the anchor asked whether Vijay has committed in the upcoming project of Raj and DK who made “The Family Man”, Vijay Sethupathi said that it is a fake news. “It was said that me and Shahid Kapoor are going to act in the web series of Raj and DK. It was a fake news” Vijay Sethupathi said. “Through this, I want to tell people to be clear on whom trust and whom not to. They will always be creating false reports. I feel pity for those who believe” Vijay Sethupathi said and went on to talk about the people who wants to know about his identity.



“I feel like saying “Poda Vennaingala” ( Get Lost, idiots) to them. I want to ask them whether they don’t have any other job to do” Vijay Sethupathi said. “They said Tamil is not my language. They also said something about my religion. To prove them wrong, I have to tell them my caste or I have to tell them about my family temple. If I tell them my caste, they will find out whether I am a Tamilian or not and about my religion and other things” said Vijay in the interview.

“Why should I prove myself by telling them these details ? I don’t care about what they are thinking about me anymore. The one who spreads such information has a gain in it but the one who believes getting fooled here.” Vijay Sethupathi expressed his dejection.


Watch the video below :

Source : ABP Nadu

On the work front, Vijay Sethupathi is going to see four of his films getting released in September month which includes “Anabelle Sethupathi”, “Laabam”, “Tuklag Darbar”. Many other projects of the actor such as “Kaathu Vaakula rendu Kaadhal”, “Maamanithan”, “Vikram” are in various stages of production. Comment your views on the way Vijay handled people who are living a life out of the existence of caste and religion !!

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