Vijay Pingale – IAS officer – Man Who Saved Chennai From Floods Got Fired by Chennai Corporation

Corporation of Chennai removed Corporation works department joint commissioner Dr Vijay Pingale for being stringent against the contractors .Before three days,he named contractors who botched up road work in the city and fined them. The recent rains showed the pathetic road works done by contractors.

But on Saturday, He received the transfer order from the chief secretary. The government has moved him to the industries department as joint secretary.

The corporation, under Pingale, fined nine contractors  2 crores for building low quality roads.

Pingale, an MBBS graduate and IAS officer of the 2004 batch, spearheaded several initiatives in 16 months as joint commissioner in the corporation, most notably in the road quality control wing.

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“It was because of his expertise that we were able to limit waterlogging when it rained,”   a CoC official said. “

Pingale’s transfer will affect some of the ambitious projects – pedestrian plaza in T Nagar, state-of-the art public toilets for the city and a bicycle-sharing project.

The officials said inferior work by the contractors, who have admitted to forming a cartel to bag contracts from the corporation, as also to using material of poor quality to lay roads because have to bribe councillors at least 10% of the cost of any project, and corruption at various levels in the corporation had left the city’s roads potholed and broken with the first monsoon rain.

Another corporation official said Pingale had set up a quality control wing in the corporation six months after he joined. “There was resistance to the move because assistant engineers would not be able to make money from contractors if they report poor quality of work,” the official said. 

The CoC official added that “Pingale is an honest man with good intentions but he did not know which strings to play.


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