Vijay Fans Attacked “Beast” Actor For Trolling The Film !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-06-15
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On seeing a video of Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko trolling “Beast” film by pointing out its flaws, fans of actor Vijay got offended and started attacking the actor through their tweets and posts in social media platforms. Many fans questioned why he committed to play the role in the film if he finds it flawed and condemned him for backbiting his own crew after the film didn’t get the success as expected.


Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko who made his Tamil debut through “Beast”, in a recent interview to a Malayalam media portal, trolled the film saying that the film is not a good entry for him to Tamil cinema. The recognized actor said that he saw the trolls that surfaced for “Beast” but didn’t watch the film yet. The video is going viral among the fans of actor Vijay who are expressing their displeasure over director Nelson Dileepkumar for wasting an opportunity.

Shine Tom Chacko, in the film, played the role of a terrorist who hijacks a mall under the order of his head. Chacko was shown as a man in a desperate need to save the life of his child who is struggling for his life in hospital. Vijay who played the lead, promises to make him see his child and gets information about the terrorist group in order to save the civilians who are held captive inside the mall.

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The way Shine’s character designed became a subject to severe online troll as he was seen immediately accepting to the demands of actor Vijay and helping him without questions. Now, in an interview with a Malayalam channel, the actor, while answering to the question on whether “Beast” is a good entry to him, says that it is not.

The actor said that acting with Superstars such as Vijay and Rajinikanth is not a big deal, acting in cinema is itself a pride. Talking about the trolls that surfaced about the movie, Shine said that the scene where Vijay was seen lifting him after tying up was boring as anyone would show the strain in their face while lifting something heavy but Vijay didn’t. “There’s no point in blaming Vijay for that, it’s the fault of the creative department” Shine said.


The actor also said that he didn’t see the film yet but have witnessed some of the trolls that surfaced for the film. Check out his interview below :

Initially, fans condemned Nelson for giving space for others to criticize the film. However, many fans of actor Vijay started condemning Shine Tom for accepting the role without questions and criticizing it later as it didn’t succeed. “Accepting the role and acting in it and criticizing the same after it didn’t get the expected response from fans is shameful. He should feel ashamed for giving up his crew members in public forum. The one who faced failure might win but these kind of guys won’t succeed” a fan said with many others reacting in similar ways.

Check out some of their reactions below :



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