Vijay & Ajith’s Director Feels “Sangi” Is A Better Word !!


Director Perarasu who directed both Vijay and Ajith in his directorial career, has said that he feels proud to be called as “Sangi” rather than being called as a “Corrupted”, “Mafia”, “Traitor” etc. “Sanghi” is a term widely used to mention people who supports “BJP” party. In his prime time, Perarasu made two films named as “Thiruppachi”, “Sivakasi” with Vijay and one film named as “Thiruppathi” with Ajith kumar. Both the actors are two of the highest paid actors in Indian film industry today.

The filmmaker who joined BJP party during the February month of 2020 by meeting the former minister of BJP party Pon. Radhakrishnan, has been posting tweets supporting his party for past several days. Perarasu belongs to Natarasankottai in Sivaganga district and is known for making movies with the title of district names. Both the films he made with Vijay became a commercial success with longest theatrical run. The films opened the mass appeal for the actor after “Ghilli”.

Now, in his recent tweet, Perarasu wrote “Comparing to the words Corrupt, Venal, A Traitor of Tamil community, A Katta Panchayat, A Liar, thief, Mafia, Man who longs for free food, ostensible, “Sanghi” is a better word” the filmmaker wrote in his tweet. “ஊழல்வாதி! லஞ்சப்பேர்வழி தமிழின துரோகி! கட்டப் பஞ்சாயத்து! பொய்யன்,புளுகன், ஓசிச்சோறு! கொள்ள கோஷ்டி, துரோகக் கும்பல்! மாஃபியா! வேடதாரி, இந்த வார்த்தைகளை விட ‘சங்கி’ என்ற வார்த்தை சிறந்த வார்த்தைதான்!” read the tweet pof the filmmaker who uploaded it with a picture saying “sanghi” in tamil.

Check out his post here :

Earlier on 7th of February, Perarasu criticized his own party members for protesting against Vijay in “Master” shooting spot. Around 20 BJP members protested against the NLC administration for permitting the star to go ahead with the shoot in a mining belt at that time. “This is a highly secured area and this is not the place to do movie shoot. We will continue our protest if the shooting continues here,” said one of the BJP protesters. Condemning the protest, Perarasu said, “Vijay is an actor, He is not a politician. These kind of activities will make people to hate BJP. His crores of fans will get hurt. We have several other issues to protest”

Perarasu is one of the filmmaker who was highly believed to direct Vijay in his 65th film. However, it has been confirmed that director A.R Murugadoss is going to make the film. Perarasu made Son of Alexander in 2015 for Malayalam film industry and in Tamil he made Thiruthani in the year 2012. He is expected to make a come back soon !!


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