Vignesh Shivan’s Emotional Letter On The “Slipper” Controversy !

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10 months ago

Director Vignesh Shivan responded to the controversy about himself and his wife Nayanthara violating the rules in Thiruppathi temple. Writing an apology letter, the filmmaker said that the chaos and commotion caused by the crowd surrounded them made them to forget about the footwear they were wearing. Wikki said that their act was unintentional and apologized to those who got offended by their gesture.

“We have always wanted our marriage to happen in tirupati but due to logistical reasons that was not possible and we had to do our wedding in Chennai. To wholesomely complete our wedding we made sure we headed to tirupati directly from our wedding venue (without going home) to watch the  Sami Kalyanam and to receive the blessings of Lord Balaji who we have utmost devotion onwards” Vignesh Shivan said through his letter.

“We had a wonderful darshan and wanted to cick a picture outside the temple to have this day in our memory and to feel like the wedding got completed here, as per our wish
but due so the crowd and chaos we had to exit the promises and ro-enter at a time when there was lesser commotion” he further said.

“In the hurry for a quick pcture we did not realize we had our footwear on when we got back later for the quick picture outside the temple. We are a couple who go o temples regularly and have immense fath in God. We have been to Thiumala almost 5 times in the past 30 days trying to do our wedding there. We sincerely apologize to those who we could have offended and we mean no disrespect to the lord who we love. We are grateful for the love an wishes we have received from everyone for our special day and we hope you continue to shower us with only the positivity we need from you.” He further said.

Known for their love for Lord Sri Venkateshwara, the couple who visited the temple in Thiruppathi before the release of their recently released “Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaathal”, visited the temple on Friday, a day after their marriage. Pictures and videos of the couple walking hand in hand amidst the crowd and cameras were doing rounds all day.

In the meantime, a report surfaced saying that the couple violated the rules of the devotional place and are expected to face the consequence due to a complaint filed against them. The couple, after completing the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara, left the place due to the gathering of crowd, according to reports.

Few moments later, the couple appeared inside the temple premises again and conducted a photoshoot. The celebrity couple were wearing their footwears while posing for pictures, according to the report.

Due to the controversies that were caused, the matter went to the attention of the Vigilance officers of “Devasthana”. A strict prohibition for photoshoots in Thirumalai and restrictions to wear foot wear in the area were imposed way before, says the report. The temple management has reported that the CCTV footages are going to be checked and a complaint wil be filed to the police if the alleged violations of the couple gets confirmed. In reply, the filmmaker had issued an apologize letter explaining about his situation.

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