Vignesh Shivan Getting Trolled For His Reply To Siddharth !! Check Out Why !!


As Nayanthara-Radha Ravi controversy gathers steam, with celebrities condemning Radha Ravi’s sexist comments against the actress, actor Siddharth took a dig at the industry’s response during #MeToo.

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In a tweet, seemingly directed at Nayanthara, Siddharth asked why powerful women were silent during the #MeToo movement. “I was shocked that my entire fraternity was either silent or cynical about the #MeToo movement; I silently rued the fact that it would take only the anger of a powerful woman to make the sleeping wake up. If you speak up only when your own are affected, it’s not called bravery,” he wrote.

In response, Nayanthara’s fiancée and director Vignesh ShivN tweeted a statement in support of Nayanthara. “One’s silence on social media does not mean that they are not supporting an issue. Nayanthara has always stood for the safety and welfare of women. She has openly endorsed the importance of a safe and comfortable work atmosphere for women in her movies too which has bigger reach than twitter,” he wrote.

However this justification from Vignesh does not convinced many of his followers. They questioned some sentences that took place in his statement such as “employed few me too victims” and “failed to broadcast it in social media due to obvious reasons”

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Check out some of their reactions :

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