Vignesh Karthik Replied To A Reviewer Who Roasted His Film “Thittam Irandu” !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-04
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Director Vignesh Karthik whose “Thittam Irandu” released directly on online streaming platform, replied to popular film critic Baradwaj Rangan who criticized the film by pointing out the flaws in it. Reacting to the review, the filmmaker, in an interaction with a youtube channel, pointed out an earlier review made by the reviewer and made a remark against him.



“Thittam Irandu” released on SonyLiv recently and is being widely watched by the fans of Tamil cinema. Baradwaj Rangan, after watching the film, gave a three minute long review saying that Aishwarya Rajesh deserves better. The reviewer said that the film instigates more questions initially and makes the audience lose the interest as it moves on. “What bothers me the most about “Thittam Irandu” is nobody seems to be even trying.” said Baddy and added that the film lacks drama.

“There’s a lots of audience cheating. Some kind of cheating is expected. There’s so much cheating, you would hardly know what to make of it all and what do believe.” said Baradwaj. He also expressed his displeasure over the climax twist which lacked drama. “It is again treated in a very very simplistic manner. ” he said about the climax and ended his review saying that the poor Aishwarya Rajesh deserves better.


Watch his review below :

Video Source : Film Companion South

When Director Vignesh Karthick was asked to react on the review of Baradwaj Rangan, he said “We all have seen the films which he branded as “good” films. I don’t know how many would watch the film if I made the film as “drama”. The content of my film is something that people could not connect with. They might feel a little bit of discomfort. So I have to make the film to their interest. Thriller genre is something people would like.” Karthick said in his reply.

“I am making film for the audience. I don’t need to make a film that audience doesn’t like. I wanted to make it as a thriller and talk about the particular emotion at the “end”. I have to decide for myself. You can’t decide for me. I know how many people I had spoke to many victims prior making this film. To summarize all this, the film you lauded recently, tells about your review” Vignesh mocked Baradwaj.



To Barad’s statement on Aishwarya rajesh opting the film, Vignesh replied saying that the reviewer could have thought twice before reviewing one of the previous films he reviewed.

Check out his reply below :

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