Viewers Irritated On Arya’s Shocking Decision In Enga Veetu Mappillai Finals !! : Here’s Why !!


Enga Veetu Mapillai is one of the recent sensational show in TamilNadu. The show featured in Color’s TV is a reality show in which Arya searches his best Match for his life. Participants compete against each other in a reality show for a chance to get married to the actor Arya.

Yesterday only 3 girls remained as part of the finale of Enga Veetu Mappillai, they are Seetha Lakshmi, Susana and Agatha. So ARYA is not marrying anyone? Isn’t this kind of a Joke? He has made fool of not only the contestants but also the viewers. Is this a TRP game played?

Video Source : Tamil Glitz

As its grand finale day, there are lots of expectations from it. The channel telecasted this EVM show at 8 30. In this, among the 3 girls, Arya is believed to choose his most preferred soulmate by presenting a grand token of love. But it is clearly proven by Arya’s yesterday statement that it is only a show and audience were trapped by this show.


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