Video Of Woman Comparing Girls With Gold Became A Subject To Severe Online Troll !!

Video of a spiritual Tamil woman comparing girls with Gold and preaching people to protect them with everything they have, has became a subject to severe online trolls and criticisms. Me Too activist Chinmayi uploaded a story condemning the video in her official Instagram account. Users of social media platforms believe that the woman, through her speech, restricts the growth of woman in the society. She cites that women are not equal to men but more valuable than men and wants people to protect women in their homes respectively.


Women Empowerment Meaning

In the video, the woman says that females aren’t equal to males, according to “Sanathana Dharma” but more valuable then them. She further justifies restricting women in their respective homes by comparing them with “Gold”. “If you keep a Gold piece on streets, someone would definitely steal it, right ?” she says and goes one to explain why women shouldn’t go out.

“Women are the ones who saves the culture and family. Women are “Mahalakshmi” for every home. Do anyone expose a “Mahalakshmi” who saves an entire family ? We should treasure that “Mahalakshmi”, shouldn’t we ?” she asked the viewers of her video.


Watch the video below :

The original video was uploaded by a youtube channel named Moon TV on 26th of January 2020 with a title “Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam, தை வெள்ளி சிறப்புக்கள்”. The video lasts for 31 minute long and she talks about similar ideologies throughout the video. Here’s the full video :

Source : Moon TV

Speech of the women didn’t go well among the Internet users, especially among the female users. “Just treat us like what we are…a common human being…not to treat us like gold, diamond or any other precious things…gold nu solli material thing ah iruka solreenga appadi thane…I think you people don’t value your mother or sisters wishes and ambitions…” a woman wrote as her comment whereas singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi uploaded a story in her official Instagram account condemning it.

“Ennadhu???? thangakattiya? Indha sanatana dharmam a sollitholyo adha sollitholyonnu ishtathukku adichu vidradhu. This bullshittery. Across religions they end up pedestalizing women – oru padi mela, part of the man, woman is gold so needs to be protected. Panra objectification, oppression ellam ‘dharma’ kullaye pannidradhu. Internalized misogyny, patriarchy, sexism and this casteist shit. Sanatana Dharma’ needs to erase oppressive ideas, introspect and change. Idhula paadhi paer edhayume padichadhillayyam – sanatana dharma said this said that nu oppressive ideas a parappa vendiyadhu. This sorta shit is dangerous to girls.” Chinmayi’s story read.


Here’s the screen shot of her story :


Here’s some of the other reactions :

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