CHENNAI : Video Of Woman & Bus Conductor Fighting With Each Other Caused Ruckus !!

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4 months ago

A video that shows a woman and a bus conductor attacking each other physically is going viral in social media platforms. The incident took place inside a government bus that was going from Perambur to Red hills. With people watching and recording video of the incident, they both were seen arguing with each other and were involved in a fist fight.

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According to Polimer news channel, it was the woman who attacked the conductor first. She reportedly disrespected the conductor with abusive terms and attacked him inside the bus. The conductor reportedly asked the woman to get down from the but but she refused to do so and continued to attack the bus conductor verbally and physically.

In response, the conductor started attacking the woman physically. One of the onlookers who is also a woman was heard slamming the woman for attacking the conductor. “How long would he (conductor) tolerate ? She is fighting with him for a long time” a woman who was watching the entire incident was heard saying in the video. She also argued with the woman who attacked the conductor.

“We were watching it from the start. The woman committed the mistake. This is not right. How long he will tolerate ?” the woman further said.

Watch the viral video below :

At the end of the video, almost everyone inside the bus including the conductor got down from the bus and the woman claimed that she is going to call the police. She also claimed that she is bleeding after the conductor assaulted her. However, a woman who was watching the fight from the start, said that the woman is the one who attacked the conductor first as she got down from the bus and went inside again only to attack him.

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