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Video Of TN Police Begging Public To Stay Home Goes Viral !!



Video Of TN Police Begging Public To Stay Home Goes Viral !!

For the first ever time in the history, a Video of a Traffic police shedding tears in front of people not to roam around surfaced. It is currently going viral in social media platforms. As government announced 21 days of lockdown across the country, a new video of a Traffic police crying to make people understand is trending now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 21 days of lockdown in the entire country to prevent the deadly coronavirus from spreading across the nation.

“My fellow citizens, There is absolutely no need to panic. Essential commodities, medicines, etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this. Together, we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India. Jai Hind!,” Prime minister said during his announcement which was made sharply on 8 PM of 24th April.

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Being precautionary is the only way we can save this world right now. Implementing safety measurements will save not only us and our loved ones but also the entire society we live in. Right from political icons to cinema celebrities, everyone are suggesting people to stay at home by washing hands 10 times a day due to the threat of the deadly virus Corona.

In this recent video, Traffic police who stops vehicles requesting them not to roam around. At one point, the police officer who is seen wearing a safety mask, broke down in tears and says “I don’t know what to do other than this”. Watch the video here :

Source : Polimer News

“Please stay at home, Don’t come out. I beg you by touching your feet. We are not demanding anything from you but only asking you to stay at home. Please understand the seriousness. How can we police control if this much of you come riding bikes and cars ? Only with your cooperation, we could reduce the impact. This is for our country” he says to the public.


To one of a biker, the police officer asks him not to tell reasons. “This is for our country and for our family” he tries to explain the situation to people who keeps insisting them to stay at home. To our shock, the police officer starts shedding tears while trying to explain the exact scenario of the country. This video broke the hearts of Internet users indeed. they started reacting, in a way of supporting the Police man. Internet users are very much upset with the people who are not obeying the orders of the government. Two days back, pictures and videos of people thronging in Koyambedu bus stand to reach their home towns created debate in social media platforms.

The deadly coronavirus killed more than 18,000 people across the world. State Tamilandu saw its first death on the wee hours of March 25. The 54 year old man who tested positive on 23rd of March was undergoing treatment at Rajaji Government Hospital, Madurai, died. Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar posted about it in his official twitter account at 2.02 a.m.

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