Video Of Police Official Advising Public For Not Wearing Helmet Is Trending !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-05
20:36 IST

Video of a police official advising public for not wearing helmet got surfaced in internet and is going viral among the users of it. Along with a lady police, the cop made people who failed to wear helmet to stand in a place and advised them. He advised them to wear helmet, not for the police but for their own police but for their own family members.


The video was shared by Veterinary Doctor turned IPS Officer Dr. R Stalin in his official twitter handle. He shared the video with the caption saying “It’s not for the cops who are standing in the streets but for you own family members”

“வீதியில் நிற்கும் காவல்துறையினருக்காக அல்ல! வீட்டில் காத்திருக்கும் உங்கள் குடும்பத்திற்காக!!!” read his caption.

Watch the video below :

“Come to the hospital and see people are admitted after getting drunk and riding vehicle without wearing helmet. If a life gets lost, would it return ?? Why are you not listening to us. Why are you not wearing helmet even if you have it” the Policeman could be heard saying.

“You don’t have to wear helmet just because of the fear you have on us, you should be wearing it by knowing about the use of it. Why you ladies are not advising your husbands ?” a lady police was heard saying.

The video is trending in the internet with online users reacting in various ways. Check out some of them below :

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