Video Of Police Officer Thrashing Vehicle Of A College Student Goes Viral !! ATROCIOUS !!


A Video shot by a passerby of Chennai Marina goes viral in which a Police constable named Mohan seen thrashing a two wheeler with his cane.

The incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday when a college student left his scooter on the roadside at War Memorial roundabout. A Home Guard, apparently on instructions of a sub inspector, was seen hitting the scooter. When the scooter’s owner arrived, the sub inspector ordered him to remove the vehicle and the man did so without raising any kind of objection.

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According to a report of The New Indian Express, the police officers clearing way for a VIP convoy. This incident created massive outrage in social media where people posting it with harsh captions against the police officers. Constable Mohan seen smashing the vehicle by targeting it part by part.

The Home Guard was identified as Mohan and the Sub-Inspector as Hari Babu, serving in Fort police station. According to News 18 report, POlice officers gave clarification to the act by saying that the student went to buy ganja which was warned by them earlier. “As he was not listening to us and continued to search for it, he was punished” they added.

While Murugan, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Harbour), under whose limit the station falls, defended the act, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Flower Bazaar), P Aravindan said action would be taken. “The personnel were apparently frustrated. We have sent a report to higher officers and the suspension order will be issued on Monday,” he said. Chennai police Commissioner A K Viswanathan, said, “Whatever be the reason, it’s wrong. They are being placed under suspension”.

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The most intolerable part of the video is the constable giving his last two smack on the vehicle even after the owner of the it arrived to start it. It is also seen Mohan informing Hari Babu after seeing someone in the crowd shooting a video to which the Sub-Inspector reacts suddenly by approaching to the crowd. The video ends.

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