Video Of IIT Professor “Abusing” Students Created Controversy !!

A video of Seema Singh, associate professor of Humanities and Social science in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has created huge controversy among the users of social media as she could be heard abusing the students during a virtual class. On seeing her repeatedly calling the students as “Bloody B@$*@*#” in the video, students and public demanded a termination.


She allegedly called the students of a preparatory class as “Bloody B@$@#” for unknown reasons. It is a class where a batch of students from Scheduled castes/Scheduled tribes and persons with disability categories attend in order to get qualified for a seat in IIT next year. The class is conducted because the above mentioned students couldn’t get a direct admission to IIT through JEE advanced.


It is reported that Seema Singh behaved that way after believing that students didn’t stand up for national anthem. A student who attended the class said that the professor assumed that students didn’t stand up for national anthem and started yelling at them. He said that everyone did stand for the national anthem and added that it not the way to treat students even if they fail to stand up. The professor is also heard calling the students “shameless”.


The student community of IIT Kharagpur shared the video on the Facebook page and released a statement saying that the professor overreacts lot in her classes and abuses the students and their parents. National commission of scheduled castes along with the ministry of human resource and development described the abuses as “casteist”.

One of the videos showed the professor dubbing a student as “silly” after he asked permission to take leave through mail reasoning his grand father’s demise. “Nothing can prevent me from what I have to do to you” she tells the students after daring the students to report her.

The videos from the virtual class of Seema Singh are making headlines and social media users are condemning the act of her.


Registrar Tamal nath said that he got an email few hours ago in this regard and assured that IIT do not support such language. “We will take some action” he said according to The Hindu.


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