Video Of Guy Questioning Restaurant Owners About Service Charge Goes Viral !!

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CM / Updated: 2019-12-09
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It is shattering to realize that many of us who are eating in restaurants often are not aware of this fact about Service charges. Eating in restaurants is always not a pleasant experience, especially to those who pays the bill. The moment you realize that you have to pay some extra money as taxes and charges more than what you have ordered is real pain which most of us would realize only when the bill arrives.


While one can’t do anything about taxes, Department of consumer affairs says that Service charges, which will be added by most of the restaurants along with taxes, are not mandatory. This technically lets an individual to make his/her own decision on whether to pay the service charge or not. Considering the service provided by the restaurant, we can refuse to pay the service charges about which most of us are ignorant all these days.


A youtube channel named as Pongal Vadai has attempted a social experiment video by questioning few restaurant owners on why they haven’t let their customers know that Service charge is optional. The video shows a guy involving in verbal spat which few authorities of restaurants on this Service tax issue. He asked the restaurant owner why they are including service charge in bill.

watch the video here :

Source : Pongal Vadai

In the video, one of a restaurant authority says that he would inform that Service charge is optional once a customer question about it. Another authority says that everyone knows about Service charge is optional to which we can hear someone saying that he didn’t know about it.


This video goes viral in social media platforms where people are requesting others not to pay service charges if they are not interested. Check out some of their reactions here :

cv 1


According to Economic times, Service charge is not a tax, and therefore, restaurants are not legally bound to enforce it. The amount of service charge a restaurant levies is entirely at its own discretion. Typically, 10% is charged, and it is mentioned on the menu.

What do you think on restaurants adding Service charge in the bill without letting the customers know that it is optional ?? Comment your views below !!

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