Video Of A Man Dying While Trying To Take Selfie Released By Police !! Horrific !!


Social media plays such a big part of our lives that it’s considered ‘cool’ to upload every part of your life online. Selfies play a big part in this. The misconception that likes equal to popularity and general acceptance in society has fueled the selfie fire. But is it worthy enough to risk your life for it?

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The official twitter handle of Mumbai Police have released a disturbing video which shows man falling off a building while trying to take selfie.  The Mumbai Police, in a bid to explain this principle to people, has shared a rather scary video of a person trying to snap a selfie. This daredevil fails at it miserably and falls to his death, we assume. A mortal cannot survive such a fall anyway.


Mumbai Police added a caption saying “Attempt for the most daring selfie? Or just another irresponsible adventure? Whatever this was for, it clearly wasn’t worth the risk! #SafetyFirst”

Some 259 people worldwide have died while taking selfies, according to a study published in CNN. Researchers from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, scoured news reports on selfie deaths that occurred from October 2011 to November 2017.

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Actor Siddharth who is very much vocal about social issues asked the Mumbai Police’s twitter handle to add some disclaimer before uploading such video. In his tweet he said “Please post at least a trigger warning when you’re sharing a video of a person dying. Good intentions. Irresponsible actions. #MumbaiPolice”

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But Mumbai Police indeed added the Warning in another tweet which wasn’t gained enough attention as much as the falling video :

Mumbai Police has not shared any personal details of the victim or the place the picture belongs which proves that they showcased it in the intention of creating awareness. According to India tv, a similar video found in a China based website on April 24. This isn’t an isolated case. Selfie deaths have seen a rise and not surprisingly, most victims have been teenagers. Looking good on social media is important today, but definitely not important than your safety and life.

India alone accounted for more than half the total — 159 reported selfie deaths since 2011. Let’s share this video and create awareness to the youths of India.


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