Video Of 2K Couple Driving Bike In A Dangerous Way Goes VIRAL!!

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4 months ago

A  viral video that shows an auto driver confronting a young couple who were traveling in their bike in a dangerous way is going viral in social media platforms. The auto driver condemned the couple for causing trouble to themselves and others. He was heard asking the couple to save the name of “Tamilnadu” and also said that the girl with whom the boy was riding his bike was drunk.

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The incident happened near Tambaram, Chennai. The couple who were seated in their Duo scooty, didn’t wear helmet and the girl was seen sitting on the lap of the boy who was driving the bike.

An auto driver who saw them, stopped their vehicle and confronted them. The girl who was sitting in front of the guy, argued with the auto driver and gestured him to mind his own business. Though the boyfriend tried to pacify her, she stood up against the auto driver and fought with him.

On seeing the quarrel, other vehicles stopped nearby and crown started gathering. The auto driver claimed that the girl had consumed alcohol and complained about to the public. However, the boy who saw the situation getting out of situation, left the place by snatching his bike key from the auto driver.

Watch the video below :

source : Polimer 

“Police Should take action on this case day by day These kinds of scenarios are increasing in Chennai outskirts bypass areas so pls police should take an action” a social media user requested wheereas another one questioned what would happen if others gets injured because of the couple who are driving their vehicle in a dangerous way.

Check out some of the reactions below :


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