VIDEO LEAKED : Girl Brutally Thrashing Guy Black & Blue For Cheating Her In Instagram !! HORRIFIC VIDEO !!


Relationships through social media platforms became common nowadays. Infact, youths  are considering it as an outdated technique to get into a relationship. Social media has undoubtedly blown up the world of beginning, maintaining, and ending relationships. Through social media platforms many illicit relationships are also taking place which would end up in a show like “Solvathellam Unmai”. But we never expected something to happen like what happened in this recent viral video due to social media relationship.

The three video shows a guy getting beaten up by a young woman repeatedly. The woman who communicates with him in English and Malayalam reportedly got cheated by him through Instagram. The woman literally beating him black and blue and also abusing him verbally for cheating her.

The video was shared by one of a Facebook user who posted with a caption saying “Meet the gold digger girl.  This guy created Instagram page and told this girl that he is very rich. But when they meet up he said he has no money. 😂😂😂 she broke her arrange marriage because this guy said he is very rich.”

Check out his post here :

Watch the videos here :

These videos suggests that the guy who created a fake Instagram account cheated the girl by saying that he own luxurious house. In one of the video, the woman heard saying that she cancelled her marriage which was an arranged one only because of she trusted this guy.

The girl who got irked once she came to realize the truth gathered her friends to thrash him. These video goes viral in Internet and created massive outrage. Check out some of the reactions from the people who witnessed these videos :

However no police investigation has been made so far on the matter it seems. Let us wait to see what law has to do !!


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