Verbal Spat Between “Naam Tamizhar” Seeman and Minister Of Electricity Senthil Balaji !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-05-09
09:39 IST

A series of tweets exchange took place between politicians Seeman and Senthil Balaji who belong to “Naam Tamizhar” and “Dravida Murpokku Kazhagam” respectively took place in the micro blogging social media platform. The heated argument is about the lack of electricity Seeman indirectly mentioned about in his tweet. Minister Senthil Balaji asked Seeman to provide the Electrical connection number to check whether there was an power interruption.


“Heard that the ruling party’s one year achievements are going to be telecasted in Television and decided to watch it and unfortunately there was no power. This what we call as Dravidian Model” said Seeman to mock DMK party through his tweet.

“ஏப்பா சீமான்.. இந்த ஆட்சியின் ஒரு ஆண்டு சாதனையை டிவில போடுறாங்கலாம்.. அது என்னனு பார்க்கலாம்னு பாத்தா எழவு கரண்ட் இல்லப்பா.. அது தான் பெரியம்மா திராவிட மாடல்..!” read the politician’s tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

Countering the tweet, Minister Senthil Balaji came up with a reply saying that Tamil Nadu electricity board did it’s best even in this hot summer with lack of electricity. “I can tell if there’s “really” a power interruption if my brother (seeman) gives the electrical connection number of the luxurious Bungalow in which he recently shifted to” the electricity minister replied back.


Here’s his reply :

Reacting to the same, Seeman asked Senthil Balaji to live in his “rental” luxurious bungalow and went on to demand his place as an exchange to denote that the house Senthil Balaji is currently living is much more luxurious than his.

“Be it a hut or Bungalow, to live in a house provided by the government, one should be sent by people to Parliament by getting their votes” Senthil Balaji replied back. “If you wish, We would love to have you as a guest in our house which is located in “Karur”. By the way, I have asked the electrical connection number of your “Karur” house” Senthil Balaji added.

Residents from the various part of the state has been complaining about the interruption in the power supply ever since party DMK voted to the power. Electricity minister Senthil Balaji blamed a sudden drop in power supply from the central grid for the unscheduled outage in many parts of the state. The minister tweeted that about 750 megawatt of power from the central grid to southern states dropped abruptly.

However, complaints about the interruption in power supply across the state are being made in constant manner in the internet platforms. Actress Kasthuri, Political analyst Sumanth Raman are some of the notable personalities who has been making complains about the power interruption in twitter.


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