Vaishnavi Wants To Pair With Ponnambalam !! Did Ponnambalam Said “Yes” ??

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil housemates received a huge surprise in the form of Kamal Haasan himself entering the house. The episode began with Kamal who addressed the audience and spoke about Independence Day and the importance of being patriotic. The actor then had the housemates perform some fun tasks before he announced who would be evicted from the house. Only this time, the actor did not meet them through the screen but entered the house.


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The housemates were thrilled to meet the actor in the house. He came inside with the envelope that held the audience’s decision about the housemate who would leave this week. He told the housemates about his experience of visiting Bigg Boss Telugu and Bigg Boss Malayalam houses and explained that they needed to pull up their socks if they wanted to hold the reputation of the Tamil version higher. He then invited one of the nominees this week to come and open the envelope. Ponnambalam agreed to open it and found his name inside. He did not seem surprised and was, in fact, happy that Kamal himself had come inside the house to take him out.


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Once Ponnambalam left the house, he came out and met the audience. Ponnambalam’s behaviour in the house was not acceptable, especially towards women. He often used swear words and attacked Aishwarya physically during a task. Kamal played these videis and asked Ponnambalam to explain each of them. While he could give a valid reason for why he swore so frequently, he did do a rehearsal of sorts with a woman from the audience to show that he did not hurt Aishwarya.

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Meanwhile a shocking video surfaced on Hotstar in which Vaishnavi reveals her wish of acting. In that video she says that she wants to pair with Ponnambalam. Listening to this Ponnambalam asks “Are You OK With Being My Pair ?”. Vaishnavi accepting right away without thinking about it for a second and says that what most important is role not character.


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She says to Janani that actors like Amitabh Bhacchan and Tabu paired together who has massive difference in age. She also says Rajini and Radhika Apte in “Kabali” as example. Then she starts to say about her acting aspirations. She starts to explain about her role in the short films she acted to which Janani listens calmly.

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At one point Janani deliberately stops Mahat who goes to wash vessels and says that she will wash for now. Mahat says he will wash for now and for night but Janani did not let him do which makes Vaishnavi alone as she is telling the story to Janani.

Check out the video below :

What do you think on “Pretty” Vaishnavi’s wish ?? Will she accomplish it ?



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