Unmissable Meme Fest On “Value Investor” Anand Srinivasan !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-31
04:11 IST

Online influencer Mr. Anand Srinivasan who identifies himself as a Value Investor through his Twitter bio, has became a subject to the memes and trolls of the netizens after telling them how important “savings” is through a  number of youtube interactions. Believed to be an expert in economics, the way he is talking about “savings” got saturated and as a result, he is being trolled hilariously.


In his interviews, Anand Srinivasan insists youngsters to save one part of their income and act accordingly. Through his Twitter bio, Anand Srinivasan identifying himself as Value Investor, Speculator, Author & Consultant. Vice President and Treasurer, Professional Congress Tamil Nadu. He enjoys a separate fanbase among the online youngsters and all the videos of him gained wide reach with various kind of reactions.

His voice modulation and attitude while schooling the people of this young generation about living a life without financial trouble, made many online users to follow him keenly. However, for the past few days, memes are being flooded in the feeds of the social media platform. Most of the meme posts made fun of the points mentioned by Anand Srinivasan in his earlier interviews.

One meme showed Anand questioning a newly born child about his/her savings whereas another meme showed a video of actor SJ Suriyah waking up from his bed in “Maanadu” with Anand Srinivasan questioning what’s his savings are.

Check out some of the reactions below :





Comment your views about Anand Srinivasan getting trolled for the kind of statements he has been making !!

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