University’s Problematic Question In Exam Caused Huge Outrage!!

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University in Pakistan has sparked outrage after setting a question about sex between brother and sister in an English Composition and Comprehension paper. The COMSATS University in Islamabad asked Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) students to write a 300-word essay on the topic of whether it is acceptable for siblings to engage in sexual activity.

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The question paper quickly went viral on social media, with many users expressing shock and disgust at the content. The passage in question detailed a scenario in which Julie and Mark, who are brother and sister, decide to have sex while on holiday together in France. The students were then asked to give their opinion on the situation and provide reasons for their answer.

Following widespread criticism, the professor who set the question paper was reportedly sacked and blacklisted by the university. In a statement, the university described the content of the quiz as “highly objectionable” and said it had caused “unrest among the families of the students.”

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The incident has reignited debates around the boundaries of academic freedom and the responsibilities of educators when it comes to setting appropriate content for students. While some have defended the professor’s right to explore controversial topics in the classroom, many others have argued that the content of the question paper was deeply inappropriate and could cause harm to vulnerable students.

The controversy has also raised concerns about the prevalence of incest and sexual abuse in Pakistan. According to a report by the non-profit Sahil, which works to prevent child sexual abuse, there were over 2,900 cases of child sexual abuse reported in the country in the first six months of 2021 alone. This figure is likely to be an underestimate, as many cases go unreported due to stigma and fear of reprisals.

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As every other country, Incest is a taboo subject in Pakistan, with cultural and religious norms strongly condemning any form of sexual activity between family members. In recent years, however, there have been growing calls for greater awareness and prevention of incest and other forms of sexual abuse.


The controversy has also drawn attention to the challenges faced by universities in Pakistan, where resources are often limited and funding for research and teaching is scarce. Many academics have spoken out about the pressures they face to publish research and meet targets, even if this means compromising on the quality or sensitivity of their work.

At the same time, universities have a responsibility to create safe and supportive learning environments for their students, and to ensure that all content is appropriate and relevant to their courses. This can be particularly challenging in a context where cultural and religious norms are deeply ingrained and can be difficult to navigate.

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In response to the incident, the COMSATS University has promised to review its policies and procedures around the setting of exam questions, and to ensure that all content is appropriate and respectful. The university has also apologized to students and their families for any distress caused by the question paper.

Overall, the incident highlights the need for greater awareness and education around issues of consent, sexuality, and sexual abuse in Pakistan, as well as the importance of responsible and sensitive teaching practices in all contexts. While academic freedom is a fundamental value, it must be balanced against the duty of care owed by educators to their students, and the need to promote respect and dignity for all individuals.

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