Udhayanithi Stalin Pointed Out The Logic Loophole In “Karnan” !!

While celebrities posting tweets lauding the Dhanush-Mari Selvaraj’s recently released “Karnan”, Politician cum actor Udhayanithi Stalin uploaded a tweet pointing out a logic loophole in the film. He said that the incident of police brutality took place during the governance of AIADMK and the film showed it as it was happened on 1997 which is a ruling period of DMK. Udhay also said that he talked to the film crew regarding the same and confirmed about the change in two days time.

As soon as the film got released in theatres, reports emerged saying that the film is based on a true incident that took place during mid 90s in a village named “Kodiyangulam”. Karnan’s plot revolves around a fearless youngster fighting against the influential people who are oppressing the villagers. The period film which is set in the suburbs of Tirunelveli district, talks about the struggles faced by the people who belong to a small village named “Podiyankulam”.


One of the main problems which acts as a barrier for the growth of “Podiyankulam” residents is the absence of government buses and a bus stop. As a result, people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Men couldn’t go to work, Pregnant women couldn’t make it to the hospital at the right time and youths are finding it difficult to get educated.

It has been reported that the film got collected Rs. 10. 50 crore on the first day and became the first film of Dhanush to reach such number of the first day itself. Critics are also lauding the film’s intriguing content and the performances of the leads. From Vijay Sethupathi to ace cinematographer PC Sriram, almost all the celebrities expressed their awe after watching the film. Notable political personalities also posted tweets appreciating the film.

Now, DMK’s youth leader Udhayanithi Stalin uploaded a tweet in his official twitter account saying that he watched the film and it must be celebrated as it narrated the pain of the oppressed without exaggeration. “I talked to Dhanush, Mari Selvaraj, Dhanu and expressed my love and wishes” he said in his tweet.

“The film which was based on the 1995 ADMK government’s Kodiyankulam riots, was shown in the film as it was happened under the governance of DMK in 1997. I have pointed out the loophole to the producer and director. They have promised me to correct it within two days” he added.

Check out his tweet below :

Earlier IPS officer Vijayakumar, politician Jothimani and many other important icons of the state have lauded the film by posting tweets.


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