UAE Based Indian Girl Tried To Stream Her Suicide In Social Media !! Shocking Reason !!

4 years ago

A 20-year-old Indian girl here upset over comments mocking her picture on social media planned to commit suicide and live stream it, but was saved in time by the police.

Sharjah was saved from committing suicide in the nick of time by police on Saturday, after she threatened to end her life and livestream the act following trolling on social media.

Stress, Depression

The woman was reportedly upset over negative comments about her photo she had posted online. She posted a message on social media, saying she would make a video of her suicide bid, police said.

She said she would stream the bid live from her residence in Sharjah’s Al Nahda area around 2 am on Saturday as she was distressed at being trolled and cyber-bullied on social media, the Khaleej Times reported.

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Sharjah Police swung into action and raced against time to save the woman as they managed to identify the source and location from where the suicide message was posted.


“Police officers from the CID and patrols department reached her flat in a building located in Al Nahda and knocked at the door. The girl’s father opened it and was shocked to see the police,” said Colonel Faisal bin Nassar, deputy director of the Sharjah Police’s Criminal Investigation Department.

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Police told him that they had come to rescue his daughter, who was planning to commit suicide. When police entered her room, they found the woman sitting alone in a dark corner, and apparently “preparing to end her life”.

On seeing the police, she lost her temper but they managed to calm her down.


The woman told police that she decided to make a live video of her suicide as she was mocked by social media users over her photo. The comments had angered and upset her and she decided to take the extreme step.

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“Police immediately provided psychological support and counselling to cool her nerves and persuade her to let go of the very thought of suicide,” Faisal said.


He said the cooperation of police authorities helped them avert the tragedy. The police monitor negative behaviour and intervene to address them “in various technical and professional ways to ensure safety of people”, he pointed out.

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He urged parents to keep an eye on their children and not leave them in isolation. He also advised them to prevent children from communicating with unknown people or groups on social networking sites.

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