Two North Indian Youths Arrested For Harassing A Korean Youtuber!!

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4 months ago

Two youths namely Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaik and Mohammad Naqueeb Sadrealam Ansari got arrested by Mumbai Police for allegedly molesting a Korean YouTuber during a live stream, after an First Information Report was registered by Khar Police. The YouTuber informed about the incident through a series of tweets and action was initiated by the Mumbai Police as well.


The incident took place during Tuesday night. The famous vlogger was touched in an inappropriate way by the abusers and one of them even tried to kiss her during an online live stream.

In Twitter, the Korean YouTuber tweeted saying “Last night on stream, there was a guy who harassed me. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and leave because he was with his friend. And some people said that it was initiated by me being too friendly and engaging the conversation. Makes me think again about streaming” sharing the video.

ย While talking to the incident, the YouTuber said “I was live streaming my experience in India when this happened. It was my first time here. The incident happened around 11 : 15 PM, when I was heading to my hotel. I was recording the streets and how people live in the country”

“Then some young kids came, I thought they wanted to engage in conversation, but they said “I love you”. I didn’t get engaged much and then they started touching and tried kissing me. I was very much uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to escalate much. I wanted to leave without offending them. I didn’t want to get aggressive and make it worse” the YouTuber said.


“We have followed you. Please share your contact details in DM”ย Mumbai Police replied to her to which she replied back “Can you send me DM so that i can give all the information you need including my contact. I cannot find the way send the message directly to you”

While being asked why she didn’t report about the matter to the police, she said “I didn’t know how to go to the police or the rules in a foreign country. So, my friends helped by putting it on Twitter. As a foreigner, it’s difficult to figure things out” She added and went on to add “I love India. I have met lovely people here, I will continue travelling. I know a lot of people say India is unsafe. It’s unfortunate. But I still want to experience India”

“Happened to me in another country too but at that time I couldn’t do anything to call Police. In India, action being taken very quickly. I’ve been in Mumbai for over 3 weeks, planning to stay longer” YouTuber Hyojeong Park further said.

“I still love India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ” one of her tweets read.

Here’s her one more tweet through which she thanked people who supported her.

She also shared a tweet which showed what happened after the harassment.

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