Twitter User Shared His Experience On Being Cheated By A Transgender!! Check Reactions!!


An Ex-Corporate Advisor has posted a tweet on Twitter sharing his experience with a transgender who cheated him. The tweet is in a way sounds like offending the transgender. This post has led to other people share similar experiences.

@GauthamMachaiah has shared a tweet saying that he lost Rs. 1000 in a motive to help a transgender. He has narrated the complete experience in the tweet. He has said that transgender’s source of income is only begging. To help a transgender he has offered her Rs. 500. But she has asked for another Rs. 500 saying that she will return it after blessing the note. He has also given the money only to know that she will not return the money. He has concluded the tweet saying that these incidents make people lose their faith in humanity.

Many people in the comments have shared their experiences with such people.


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